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Being a reporter can be hard in this 21st Century, instant gratification media landscape. You can’t just stand around “relaying information” and “reporting facts” anymore. People have got to be WOWED. Stunned. Outraged. Frightened. Overcome with emotion. And if you slip a fact or two in there hey, good for you! This, basically:

Usually this isn’t a problem. It’s the industry standard. That said, the powers that be — and the audience — do expect the reporter to at least attempt to come off as presenting the plain, unfiltered truth. None of us like being forced to confront that we’re being lied to. With that in mind, Weather Channel reporter Mike Seidel, who was in North Carolina covering Hurricane Florence, really didn’t do his job very well.

The guy is standing there acting like Hurricane Florence is absolutely battering him. The setting looks like a deserted war zone. Everything is framed up perfectly. It’s compelling television. But then two bros stroll by in gym shorts and ruin the entire facade. Nothing like two high school juniors who just smoked a bowl and are walking to the gas station to buy Flaming Hot Cheetos to ruin your shot and discredit your “I AM IN A VERY DANGEROUS AREA” ruse. There goes this guy’s Pulitzer.

The video of Seidel faking Hurricane Florence’s winds for The Weather Channel has gone mega-viral on social media. The tweet showing his live shot being ruined by two bros has been retweeted 244,000 times. Ironically, though, now I want to see reports from Mike Seidel more, not less.


On the bright side, at least everyone in Wilmington, North Carolina seems safer than this reporter was making them out to be. This is really only bad news for The Weather Channel correspondent. It’s great news for the people of North Carolina. I, for one, am relieved.

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