What a prickly protester threw at this politician on live TV came as a complete surprise


In an incident one might describe as an “epic phall,” a New Zealand woman protesting the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) threw a dildo in real life at Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce as he answered reporters’ questions.

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The woman has been identified as Josie Butler.


When she threw the sex toy she said “That’s for raping our sovereignty.”

“With the signing coming up next week, I thought it was really important that we take a really strong stand against this to protect the people of New Zealand, really,” she said, according to news.com.au. “I’m here as a nurse because I’m worried about the patient rights and how many people will essentially die if this goes through because the price of medication’s going up, so yeah, it’s something I feel really strongly about.”

“It would be unfortunate for being known for this incident,” Joyce said after he was taken by surprise by this unusual slap in the face.

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