When a drunk driver was swerving across lanes, a Good Samaritan made sure to get him off the road

YouTube screenshot -- guy pulls over drunk driver

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A Good Samaritan quickly identified a drunk driver in front of him swerving all over the two-lane road. He started to record the vehicle as he followed it rather than call the police.

The nearly six-minute video chronicling the entire ordeal was posted to YouTube by a user called Zach Bishop, who, one would think, is the Good Samaritan.

“He’s going to f*****g kill somebody,” the Good Samaritan can be heard saying, becoming increasingly concerned as the man picks up speed. The Good Samaritan notes the man is traveling at more than 70 mph at one point while swerving from right to left.

At a red light ahead, the man is able to bring his car to a stop. The Good Samaritan pulls into the right-hand turn lane and yells at the man through their rolled-down windows.

“Pull over. You’re on video,” the Good Samaritan tells the man. “You’re drunk, pull over.”

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The man waves his hand at the Good Samaritan as if to say he’s OK.

“You’re on video, you’re swerving everywhere. You’re drinking. You’re drunk, pull over,” the Good Samaritan says.

The man motions with his hand again, and mutters something inaudible.

“What?” the Good Samaritan says. “Sorry, you’re gonna kill somebody. Literally, you’re gonna kill yourself and you’re gonna kill someone else. You’re doing 70. You’re not even wearing your seat belt, dude.

“Pull over. Go over there on the grass and turn your car off. Right there, go. I’m doing you a huge favor. I’m doing you the biggest favor in the world right now. Go and pull over, go do it.”

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The  man seems to comprehend the orders and and begins to drive forward, closely followed by the Good Samaritan. The man pulls over on the right shoulder and comes to a stop. The Good Samaritan stops behind him, gets out of his car and encounters the man at his window.

“Turn your car off. Give me your keys,” the Good Samaritan says. “I’m doing you the biggest favor right now. Walk now. You’ve got to walk home, call someone to pick you up, you’re not getting your keys back. I am going to take your keys with me. and I’m going to drop them back here later.

“Later, when you’re sober come and get your car. I’m going to leave your key on your tire right here.”

The Good Samaritan tells the man he has to go do some shopping. He says after he’s done shopping he’ll come back and leave the car key.

“I’m putting everyone else out of danger,” the Good Samaritan says. “I could call the police right now, but I feel like I can teach you a lesson: Do not drink and drive, it’s not worth it.”

The man continues to sit in his car, looking as if he might pass out at any moment.

“You can either stay here, sleep it off, walk home or call somebody so that you can have them pick you up. You’re not getting this back, you’re not driving,” the Good Samaritan said.

“This is a second chance. If I was a police officer you would be in so much trouble, you would be done. Your whole, entire life would be ruined, 100 percent.”

The man finally comes to his senses and reaches out his hand to shake the hand of the Good Samaritan and seems to be grateful for having been stopped before he could cause real damage.

Apparently the man decided to sleep it off as he stayed in his car as the Good Samaritan headed back to his car — with the man’s keys in hand.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While we admire this Good Samaritan’s intentions during his brave confrontation, you should always contact local law enforcement if you encounter a drunk driver on the road.

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