The victim of a brutal assault has his gun-toting wife to thank for his life, and she’s even earned herself the nickname “Revolver Rani” after a video showing her scaring off his assailants with her trusty gun went viral.

In shocking surveillance footage of the incident, which occurred in India over the weekend, the woman’s husband appears to be holding a casual conversation with someone outside his house when a group of four men, some with their faces covered by handkerchiefs, show up out of nowhere. The group immediately begins attacking the man, who falls to the ground while getting pummeled by fists, kicks, hammers and even an axe. At one point, one of attackers runs away briefly and returns with some sort of stick to begin beating the man with again — and that’s when the victim’s wife comes in to save the day.

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Upon hearing the commotion, the woman can be seen running out of the house in a panic. However, she surprises the men when she whips out her revolver and points it at them, threatening to start firing off shots. Frightened by the woman, the attackers, who were ruthlessly beating her husband just seconds before, quickly flee the scene and leave the man lying on the ground with his clothes in tatters.

Police have since reportedly launched in investigation into the incident, but have so far made no arrests in connection to the assault. According to reports, a land dispute may have triggered the violent beat down. The victim, who is apparently a journalist, suffered serious injuries to his back, arms and head.

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