There’s nothing quite like watching a disgruntled husband or furious wife throw a chair on stage on “Jerry Springer.” On a Russian twist on the talk show called “Family Matters,” one couple didn’t even make it past backstage before things went flying.

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According to the Daily Mail, the couple were moments away from getting on stage when a witness caught the wife on camera taking a few swings at her husband, whom she accuses of infidelity. The blonde woman can be seen laying into her spouse with punches and her handbag while backstage crew members and producers attempt to separate them. At one point, the woman throws her bag at her battered husband. The husband was reportedly left bleeding from his mouth and nose after the scuffle, but when he was asked about the injuries by the series’ judge Elena Dmitrieva, he told her he tripped and fell backstage.

Like the American “Springer” show, “Family Matters” features different couples publicly airing their dirty laundry and trying to work through their conflicts in front of a third party, in this case a judge. According to the Mail, the woman was left sobbing, and while she was reportedly upset with his unfaithfulness, the exact reason for her bizarre attack is unknown.

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