Watermelon is the perfect back yard snack, or treat for your tailgate, but this new way to cutting it will definitely impress your friends.

The trick involves cutting a watermelon to look like a perfectly smooth orb.

So, you’re not satisfied making a normal, everyday watermelon basket? Try this instead.  This video shows us how to crack open a seemingly normal watermelon to reveal a totally skinned watermelon inside.

Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer came up with this idea and says that even you can do it in ten minutes. The skinned watermelon is easy to slice and eat when the time comes.

Start out with two watermelons of similar size and shape. Hack away all of the rind on one of them, being careful not to gouge the red flesh. Smooth it all out with dishwashing pads, using them like sandpaper. This will create your inner melon.

Cut the second watermelon in half and scoop out all of the red flesh. Make sure you do a good job and make plenty of room. This will be the vessel that holds the red tube of melon that you made out of the first watermelon. Put it all together and that’s that.

There are plenty of other watermelon tricks on Rober’s YouTube channel and elsewhere if this wasn’t enough for you. And there are lots of other weird things you can do with other members of the fruit and vegetable kingdom.

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