Furious Woman Interrupts Wedding, Claims Groom is Actually Her Husband


A wedding ceremony at a Catholic Church in the nation of Zambia was interrupted in arguably the most bizarre and terrible way possible. It wasn’t a bridesmaid admitting she slept with the groom or the best man or a groomsman saying he banged the bride. Not a mother-in-law going bananas.  Not the ring-bearer losing the ring. Those are quaint wedding day disasters compared to what went down here.

Arguably the Most Awkward Wedding Interruption Possible

Woman disrupts wedding in Catholic Church; claims groom is her husband with 3 kids and they slept together only hours earlier. This occurred in Zambia. from PublicFreakout

The worst way to have your wedding interrupted is to have the groom’s other wife show up, it turns out. Actually, just kidding. Another wrinkle is required. The worst way to have your wedding interrupted is to have the groom’s other wife show up… with their kids. This lady has a damn baby on her back and is like, “THAT IS MY HUSBAND HERE IS GENETIC PROOF!”

Not only that the woman went on to claim that the groom had sex with her that morning.

Usually when a groom’s family member ruins a wedding it’s a drunk uncle not his first and still current wife. (It goes without saying she was not on the wedding guest list.) So at this point it’s a miracle the bride didn’t get out of her wedding dress and tell the caterer to give her a whole bottle of vodka, the wedding cake, and an entire serving dish of the pasta. Guessing this moment won’t make it into the wedding photo album.

No One Wants a Wild Wedding

Some people say they want their wedding/wedding reception to be crazy or fun or wild. This isn’t true. Beacuse this is what an actual wild wedding looks like. That or the mother of the bride having a drunken meltdown. Or a fistfight between two uncles over Trump. No one actually wants their wedding hashtag trending on social media. Because that means your special day was a special hell.

(Shout out to the wedding planner, whose job it is to make everything go off without a hitch. Don’t beat yourself up. You could’ve never seen this coming. I am so sorry for whatever the rest of your day looked like.)

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