You’ll probably never set foot on amusement park ride again after you watch this horrifying video Youtube/Screenshot

If you’re daring enough to go on an amusement park rides, you’d better be up for anything.

Those at an Indian amusement park were on a revolving merry-go-round called the Disco Dancer when its wheel suddenly came crashing down from a height of nearly 15 feet. The 20 or so people on the wheel were workers who were on a trial run when the accident happened. Workers said they were reluctant to get on the ride but were forced.

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One person died and at least 7 are injured, NDTV reported.

According to NDTV, police arrested Josh Punnish, the owner and manager of the amusement park, for criminal negligence.

The Disco Dancer was one of the top attractions at the Kishkinta park near Chennai until floods damaged it last year.

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So scary!

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