YouTube’s “Slow Mo Guys” have an airbag, a microwave, and a very bad idea

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

We’re thankful every day for the Internet, where daredevils and ne’er-do-wells take turns destroying things in ways we would never try or even imagine and film it all.

Today, that’s an airbag (two, technically), which The Slow Mo Guys decided to detonate in a microwave.

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Before going on, you’re warned: This is wildly stupid because of how dangerous it is. Airbags inflate so fast they can break bones. Putting such an explosive force inside a closed metal container means one thing: something’s breaking.

That something, as these guys discover, is the microwave door which flies off at lethal speed!

The Slow Mo guys, as you’d expect, slow that down so we can watch it burst. The airbag blasts the door off right into a wooden fence on the other side of the yard. Without a fence, that debris might be in their neighbor’s living room. The pair is incredulous over the door, which was immediately sheared off.

“That’s got some distance on it. Look at that!” one of them shouts. “I’m surprised none of it went over the fence. It went upwards.”

Then, they pull out another airbag, another microwave, and some colored chalk. Can they add a splash of color to their explosion? Watch and see.

What do you think?

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