CBP Finds Human Umbilical Cords in Passengers’ Luggage

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) keeps finding human umbilical cords in passengers’ luggage. The most recent discovery was on August 2 in the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. A Spirit Airlines passenger’s luggage, originating from Honduras, contained an umbilical cord and a medical wristband.

The passenger subsequently stated that the items “belonged to a relative” and chose to give them up. Unfortunatly, they were incinerated.

In June, another passenger on the same recurring flight from Honduras to New Orleans — Spirit Airlines Flight 1439 — did the same thing. That person’s luggage was found to contain a human umbilical cord and a positive pregnancy test. They were packed in-between t-shirts and wrapped in cellophane. An X-Ray scan picked up the unusual items.

The man carrying the body part similarly said that the items belonged to a relative.

Why Are Passengers Smuggling Human Umbilical Cords on Spirit Airlines?

We don’t really know the answer, but it’s enough to spike our curiosity. A U.S. CBP press release issued on August 16 called the discoveries “noteworthy.”

“With the vast number of daily travelers, our officers are guaranteed to encounter some unusual items,” said Mark Choina, Acting Area Port Director of New Orleans. “However, two umbilical cords, a month apart, coming from the same country is noteworthy. This seizure highlights the importance of knowing what is in your bag, and if you can legally import it, especially if you are transporting it for someone else.”

The press release further mentioned that if any passengers wish to transport “certain biological materials,” into the United States they need to apply for a permit.

In January, the TSA released a list of its “most unusual items” found in airport luggage. The list included crystal meth hidden in a breakfast burrito, a chainsaw, and bullets concealed in a deodorant stick.

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