Chilling Video Shows Dive Team Finding Missing Teenager’s Body Inside Vehicle

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A chilling video shows a dive team finding the body of missing teenager Kiely Rodni. Rodni had been missing for weeks after disappearing soon after a high school graduation party in the Truckee wilderness near Lake Tahoe. She was discovered in Prosser Creek Lake and her vehicle was upside-down. The discovery was made by Adventures With a Purpose, who posted the video to YouTube.

Dive Team Member Says Her Death Seems “Suspicious”

In the YouTube video, How We FOUND Kiely Rodni: MURDER or ACCIDENT? diver Nick Rinn is shown circumnavigating the vehicle after identifying its license plate as Kiely’s. He checks the front seats, and no one is there. But then he finds Kiely. She was sitting in the rear passenger seat.

Rinn continues swimming and sees that the front passenger window is broken out. The rear driver’s side window was halfway down. Kiely’s window, however, was still up.

When Rinn emerged from the dive, the video shows him looking incredibly unnerved.

“She’s in the back of the vehicle,” says Rinn. “She’s not in the driver’s seat. It looks suspicious to me. [The] vehicle’s upside-down. One window is halfway down. One window is all the way down. Call the authorities.”

You can see the clip below. It starts at 00:39:33. Viewer discretion is advised.

Earlier in the same video, the dive team interviewed a roadside assistance driver, who also goes by the name Nick. Nick said he responded to a call over the weekend, and he saw Kiely with a male. They were in the Boca Lake area, which is right next to Prosser Creek Lake.

Kiely Asked Witness How to Fasten Seatbelt to Her Actual Belt

Nick said that both Kiely and the man she was with were acting strange. He said that Kiely was keeping an awkward distance from the man, constantly moving to the other side of her car when he approached. She was also asking strange questions, such as how to fasten a seatbelt, and how to fasten a seat belt to her actual belt.

Nick also said that the battery was fine, and the car wasn’t starting because it was in neutral. He said that video and audio was captured from the call, due to security protocol with the company he worked for. However, that footage has not been released, presumably because it may have been given to investigators.

The case of Kiely Rodni’s disappearance and subsequent death are still under investigation, with the FBI, California Highway Patrol, Placer Sheriff’s Office, and Nevada County Sheriff’s Office already involved.

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