Chris Hansen has been bringing sexual predators to justice for years now, but even at this juncture in the game, there are still things that are bound to shock him. Take, for example, a recent episode of his show, “Crime Watch Daily,” where Hansen nabs a predator he just so happened to know.

“No, Chris! What are you doing here? You have to explain this to me,” Hansen exclaims in actual shock as he walks in on an old friend.

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“I honestly did not realize it until I walked out. And then I suddenly recognized him because we used to commute into the city every day together from Connecticut,” Hansen told The Daily Mail.

The man in question, who was accused of traveling to a home to have sex with a 13-year-old boy, blamed his bad eyesight and claimed he thought the boy was 18. He later made a run for it, but was caught by police, who discovered gay porn and condoms in his car.

“I could not believe it,” Hansen said.

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