Convenience Store Clerk Fired for Pulling Gun on Robber with Hatchet

An Oak Grove Oregon convenience store clerk, uninterested in getting an ax to the face or losing a few fingers over forty or so dollars, was fired for taking an active interest in keeping his face ax free. Specifically by pulling out the gun he’s legally allowed to carry and informing the ax-wielding robber confronting him that he and his ax should leave.

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Wielding the firearm was against company policy and the Plaid Pantry clerk, Kristofer Follis, knew he’d probably lose his job for pulling it out, but he figured that not getting murdered or maimed by some psycho waving a hatchet around was probably worth forgoing his minimum wage job. Which… is extremely fair. There are a lot of gas stations hiring. There are way fewer people re-growing fingers for people who probably can’t afford to pay to have their fingers re-grown.

It makes sense that Plaid Pantry, as a broad company policy, wouldn’t want employees bringing guns to work and whipping them out every time things got sketchy. That said, in the heat of the moment, it’s hard to blame Follis for doing what he did.

Plaid Pantry released a statement on the incident.

“The company makes significant investments in security equipment and training in robbery deterrence and violence prevention. In the event a robbery does occur, the focus shifts entirely to non-resistance, cooperation, and violence avoidance for the safety of our employees and customers.”

Again, that’s probably the smartest policy from a corporate standpoint, but not ideal when there’s a guy ready to use a hatchet on you over a vending machine’s worth of nickels.

The best part of the entire story is that after Follis pulled out his firearm the robber (of course) immediately changed his mind about robbing the store and then said, “I’m sorry. I’ll leave.” Unless you’re Mel Gibson, you don’t bring a hatchet to a gunfight.


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