If You See This Coat Hook In A Bathroom, Call 911 Immediately!

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

I know I’m not the only one who lives by coat hooks in public restrooms. They are everything when it comes to putting your purse or your backpack on the door since some floors are filthy. But, here is your terrifying PSA of the day! Unfortunately, as some of us know, there are crazy people out in this world.

We have seen men attempting to film coworkers through spy cameras and men hiding out inside public restrooms waiting to prey on their victims. Well, similar to that situation, they are now using coat hook cameras. Yes, perverts are now using ridiculous hidden spy cameras to peep on people in the bathroom. Real sickos!

Police in Florida recently found the hooks inside several public restrooms, including one at a beach. They urge everyone, not just Floridians, to be on the lookout for coat hooks in dressing rooms and public toilets. Yes, unfortunately, that is something else we have to worry about. Great. The sad part about this whole situation is that authorities don’t really know where or how these mini surveillance cameras have been planted, but apparently there seems to be an outbreak.

These little hooks are unfortunately easy to use, and downloading what has been recorded only takes a USB cable and a Micro SD card. So, how do you know you have encountered one? Well, there is a tiny blinking red light at the top of the hook, which is the camera. Along the sides are two microscopic dots that then act as light and on the back is a small on and off switch button. So, if you see one of these terrifying bad boys around, and can clearly see it is blinking, leave the place immediately and contact authorities to report it.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be staying away from Florida public restrooms for a little while.

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