Colbert’s Trump-Putin joke may have been too “obscene” for TV, and now the FCC is on his case

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“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert came under fire last week after his monologue on Monday night blasted a few fiery insults at President Trump, including the remark, “The only thing your mouth is good for is to be used as Vladimir Putin’s c**k holster.” The hashtag #FireColbert was quickly all over the internet, and in a follow-up monologue, Colbert doubled-down on his comments.

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While it didn’t seem like there would be any actual backlash, the Federal Communications Commission has announced that they’re looking into Colbert’s statements to see if any rules were broken. According to The Hill, the FCC has stated that they will “take the appropriate action” if any of the remarks were “obscene.” The group reportedly received a significant number of complaints against the “Late Show” host.

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Since Colbert is after 10 p.m., his show is judged a little less harshly than those airing during the day when most children are in front of television sets. However, it’s unlikely that conservatives will achieve their goal of getting Colbert off the air as the FCC generally only levies a fine on programs that break their rules. And, for left-leaning Stephen Colbert, it’s unlikely that a fine will be much of a deterrent for future attacks on President Trump.

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