Colorado Man Intentionally Crashes Pickup Truck into Police Station

A Colorado man is facing an attempted murder charge after ramming his pickup truck into a police station and right through the front doors.

No one was actually injured, but Grand Junction police say it was no accident. The suspect did it on purpose. He was checked out by paramedics before being placed in a holding cell.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“When I arrived in the lobby, I was completely shocked and taken aback by the state of the lobby,” the police affidavit reads, via 9News

The document went on to say that the vehicle pushed a wall several feet into the offices where the tech department was working, though none of the 11 people inside were hurt. Benches that are usually reserved for the public inside the building were destroyed, police said. But fortunately, no one was sitting there at the time.

Grand Junction police released a video of the incident, which clearly showed the driver had no intention of stopping or even slowing down before the crash.

After crashing into an elevator and coming to a stop, the suspect remained in the vehicle. Police drew their weapons and ordered him to come out, which he did, with his hands up. He was eventually surrounded and cuffed as he laid face down on the floor.

One member of the police department took some time to evaluate the damage as the arrest took place, the video showed

The suspect told police he was being followed and feared for his life, so he rammed into the police department because “he knew what he needed to do in order be heard,” and avoid being killed, according to the affidavit.

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