Conor McGregor says he’s back on the UFC 200 card, but is he really? Getty

Conor McGregor is back on the UFC 200, or so he says.

UFC featherweight champion tweeted out early Monday morning that he is indeed back on the card to avenge his UFC 196 loss to Nate Diaz:

UFC President Dana White responded swiftly, via the Los Angeles Times:

“We haven’t talked [to] Conor or his manager since the press conference [Friday],” White said. “I don’t know why he would tweet that.”

UFC reporter Ariel Helwani noted the ink isn’t quite dry on the contract as of yet:

Conor McGregor has been vocal about his interest remaining solely on training and preparing to fight, and he has no interest in promotional obligations.

The opposite has been said for UFC President Dana White, who insists McGregor must be available for everything a UFC fighter is required to do, including media tours.

If the two sides can’t come together, that puts a serious damper in what is a stacked UFC 200 card. We’ll see how this one plays out.

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