Cop Accused of Broadcasting Herself Having Sex While at Work

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A rookie female deputy police officer didn’t mean to get caught while having sex on the job, but that’s exactly what it sounds like she was doing.

TMZ landed audio of the alleged tryst, which reportedly featured the female Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy in question. The incident supposedly took place at a local men’s jail, where the deputy was stationed at the time.

The audio was broadcast — presumably by accident — over the LA Sheriff’s Deputy airwaves.

Per TMZ, the female deputy went out to a parking structure to take part in the risky business while on the clock, and she engaged her radio in the process, her employer believes.

Eventually, she realized her mistake and shut off her radio, but it was too late. The damage had been done.

During the, uh, relations, the dispatcher can be heard warning the deputy that she was on an “open mic” and that the deputy needed to turn it off.

As an aside, TMZ reported the man involved in this development may have also been a member of the force. He could be in the clear if he wasn’t on the clock.

The female deputy, however, could be suspended or fired, pending the results of the investigation. But it wouldn’t take a veteran detective to figure out that, yeah, the sheriff’s department has all the evidence it needs. And it comes in the form of a simple audio clip that one cop didn’t want out there.

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