Hindu Activists Are Drinking Cow Urine to Ward Off Coronavirus

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You know what they say, when push comes to shove, you drink some good ol’ cow pee! Kidding, totally kidding. But apparently, this is exactly what some Hindu activists are doing, because well, why not? According to U.S. News, a Hindu group hosted a cow urine drinking party, yes a urine party, believing this wards off the coronavirus. Yes, drinking pee is the cure to this Covid-19 pandemic. Goodbye social distancing!

Several Hindus consider the cow very sacred and believe cow urine had medicinal properties. In case you’re wondering, yes, experts have repeatedly asserted that cow urine doesn’t cure illness like cancer, and there is absolutely no evidence that it can prevent coronavirus. But still, I guess you believe what you want to believe, right?

The group called the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha(All India Hindu Union) met at its headquarters in the country’s capital. There, over 200 people attended and organizers hope to host other similar events all over India. Several stated they had been drinking the cow urine for 21 years and had also taken baths in “cow dung” since they have never felt the need to consume English medicine.

All India Hindu Union Chief, Chakrapani Maharaj, posed for photographers as he placed a spoon with cow urine near the face of a caricature of the coronavirus. Several leaders from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist party also advocated the use of cow pee as a medicine and a scientific cure for cancer.

Believe it or not, a leader for India’s northeastern state of Assam told several state lawmakers during an assembly session that cow dung and urine was indeed used to treat the coronavirus. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against this religion whatsoever. You believe what you want to believe. Heck, my family is right behind them by believing we can use plants to wear off bad energy, but pee?

Cow pee? Have we really come to this? I get we are in desperate time…but I don’t know, I don’t’ really feel this whole cow urine party. Can y’all at least dilute it with some lemonade or something?

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