Coronavirus Vaccine Will be Free For Americans Who Can’t Afford It

US service members are said to be the first Americans to receive the vaccine against COVID-19 if one is proven to be effective and safe. The Trump Administration effort to develop, distribute, and make it work in a vaccine against a deadly COVID-19 by early next year is said to first be given to the most vulnerable, such as an elderly, those with underlying health conditions, workers in essential businesses, and the US Military.

The coronavirus vaccine will be provided free of charge to Americans who cannot afford it, according to the Trump Administration. Any American who is vulnerable and desires the COVID-19 vaccine will not be charged. The administration is also working with insurers, some expressing eagerness to cover the vaccine without a co-pay. Several public health experts have urged the United States leaders to make a coronavirus vaccine available to everyone, not just those who can actually afford it.

The virus has infected more than 2.1 million Americans and killed at least 116,127 since it was first reported in the United States less than five months ago. US officials and scientists are hoping a vaccine will be ready to prevent COVID-19 by mid-2021. US Health officials and researchers have been fast-tracking work on vaccine development, and are aiming to produce over 300 million doses of potential vaccines by January. The Trump Administration’s goal, according to officials, is to have an effective vaccine to protect as many lives as possible by the height of the flu season.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, US officials are investing in multiple stages of research to make sure the vaccine is effective and safe. The Trump Administration has officially narrowed down its list of promising experimental vaccines to about 7 from 14. Officials did not say which ones have started vaccine production.

According to President Donald Trump, earlier this month, the US had already produced 2 million coronavirus vaccine doses that are “ready to go” when Health experts and scientists figure out whether it is effective and safe. But, scientists are still learning about key aspects of the coronavirus, including how the immune system responds once a person is already exposed. Scientists believe the answers may have important implications for vaccine development, including how quickly it can be deployed to the public.

The last time the fastest ever vaccine was developed was for mumps, which took more than four years and was licensed in 1967.

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