Shoppers Confront Couple in Nazi Masks at Walmart

Facebook/Raphaela Mueller

A Minnesota couple with suboptimal communication skills has been banned from Walmart stores after being filmed and confronted by shoppers for wearing Nazi flag face masks in the store.

The middle-aged couple, who were spotted in a Walmart in Marshall, Minnesota, were confronted by several shoppers, including Benjamin Ruesch and Raphaela Mueller, who posted a now-viral video of the couple to Facebook.

Mueller, who is a native of Germany, was clear and unequivocal in her denunciation of the couple on Facebook.

Edit, since this is going much further than I thought it would (and the trolls and haters are starting to roll in): I was born and raised in Germany, and I grew up hearing about my great-grandmother who fought in the underground against the first wave of Nazis in the 1930s and 40s. Let me make this abundantly clear once and for all – THE SWASTIKA IS A HATE SYMBOL AND YOU DO NOT FLY THE FLAG, YOU DO NOT WEAR THE SYMBOL ANYWHERE ON YOUR BODY, YOU DO NOT USE OR DEFEND THIS SYMBOL, EVER. END OF STORY.

When confronted, the pair of genius be-Swastika’d Walmart shoppers were quick to explain that they themselves are not Nazis, but are instead warning others what this country is heading towards with its mask orders and longtime moderate politicians being nominated for president.

“I’m not a Nazi. I’m trying to show you what’s going to happen in America,” Swastika lady tells Mueller and Ruesch. “If you vote for Biden you’re gonna be in Nazi Germany. That’s what it’s going to like.”

Nazi Lady’s male companion, Swastika Guy, then chimes in with roughly the level of historic literacy you would expect from a guy wearing a Swastika at Walmart, saying “We’re living under a socialist state.”

(The Nazis, though called the National Socialist Party, quite famously, uh, hated socialists actually. So much so that they invaded the world’s most powerful socialist nation, slaughtering millions of their socialist citizens in the process.)

When confronted by Walmart employees the couple still refused to take off their masks. Local police were called the couple was issued trespass notices and banned from Walmart facilities nationwide for at least one year.

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