Creator Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Addresses Origin Story of The Zombies

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Videos by Rare

You know all about The Walking Dead. You know it is centered on zombies and their need for human flesh. And you know that the AMC show comes to an end this year.

But do you know what cased the zombie apocalypse in the first place?

If not, don’t feel badly. You’re not alone.

The Walking Dead show is based on the comic book series Walking Dead, and not even author Robert Kirkman will reveal how the zombies came about.

“I really was never interested in dealing with the cause of the zombie outbreak,’ he said, via Take the Black podcast and Winter Is Coming. “My opinion has been well-documented, but the short version is…any detailed explanation would push things too far into the realm of sci-fi for me.

“I think it’s better to leave it unresolved. That way, the story remains grounded. That said … tons of fans wanted me to explore it, and I was not above pandering to them from time to time in ways I felt were interesting.”

Instead of focusing on the zombies entirely, Kirkman chose to center the story on the characters that had to overcome them.

But perhaps, with a host of spinoffs and related shows on the way, the answer to everyone’s apocalypse questions will still come.

“[T]here have been hints about it, especially in The Walking Dead: World Beyond post-credit scene which revealed that the virus might have started in a French lab,” wrote Ariba Bhuvad of Winter Is Coming. “It is the closest we’ve gotten to an explanation and it also gave us a sneak peek at how zombies might have evolved in the future (they’re crazy fast and somehow even more aggressive).”

So, don’t know how the zombie apocalypse began? It’s all good. Just know that you’re not supposed to know. But stay tuned to what is next for The Walking Dead. You might just find out soon enough.

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