Howard Wayne Baker, 62, won’t be riding his beloved motorcycle anytime soon after the former bike gang leader was found guilty of killing a rival gang member.

The Star-Telegram reported that the jury spent most of Friday deliberating before they found Baker guilty of murder, aggravated assault, engaging in organized crime and directing a street gang.

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Baker was a leader of the Fort Worth branch of the Bandidos, a vicious motorcycle gang with ties across the country. The prosecutor laid out a case stating that the gangster gave orders to kill 41-year-old Geoffrey Brady of the Ghost Riders, which is a rival club of the Bandidos.

Baker, Frank Augstein/AP/dapd

Brady was killed during an ambush at the Gator’s Jam Inn, an establishment in Riverside, Texas. The Houston Chronicle reported that the Bandidos leader appeared at the bar with 30 gang members, set on ambushing the Ghost Riders.

The prosecutor declared that the Bandidos “dragged Geoff Brady out of the front door and executed him in front of his wife and friends […] they stood over him in a circle, and Howard Baker was standing in that circle.” She also claimed that the Bandidos expected the Ghost Riders to pay homage to them. When the gang didn’t, the Bandidos decided to take matters into their own hands, directed by Baker.

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There were a number of discrepancies in the state’s case that made a conviction difficult to pursue.

Only two shell casings were recovered from the scene and none of the guns taken from the Bandidos matched the bulled that were fired. Witnesses also seemed to contradict their stories. Two other suspects were arrested in relation to the murder.

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