A Florida woman is all smiles in her mugshot despite doing something very evil to her dog

Courtesy of Escambia County Jail

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Videos by Rare

Authorities have charged a Florida woman for animal cruelty and firing a weapon in public in connection to the death of her pit bull puppy.

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office responded to a shooting at the residence of Amanda Cay Carpenter, 27, reported Pensacola News Journal. According to a police report, a neighbor called emergency services when she heard “two gunshots, a dog whimper, a slight pause, then another gunshot.” The neighbor also saw Carpenter holding a gun in her hand.

Carpenter admitted to shooting her dog while speaking with investigators.

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She told investigators that the 9-month-old dog chewed and damaged several items in her room. She said that she attempted to crate the dog, but he didn’t go inside. Then she said he nearly bit her when she grabbed him.

Pensacola News Journal said that part of Carpenter’s statements in the police report is redacted, but the remainder alleges that she grabbed a .22 caliber rifle in her trailer park. Her shots were close to a second trailer.

Investigators said that she did not have an answer when they asked why she didn’t take another course of action, like call animal control services.

Carpenter currently sits in the Escambia County Jail on a $20,000 bond.

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