A former sex ed teacher lost his teaching certificate after taking some of his lessons beyond the classroom

Donald DeWitt, Warwick, N.Y. (Bergen County Prosecutor's Office)

Donald DeWitt used to teach biology and human sexuality at Bergen County Academies in New Jersey until it was discovered that he slept with a student. He was sentenced to prison last year, and now a state board has guaranteed that he will never enter another classroom.

DeWitt has officially been stripped of his Teacher of Biological Science certificate, reports NJ.com. He had reportedly been in possession of the certificate since 1993.

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In 2016, DeWitt plead guilty to a child endangerment charge. He will spend four years in prison for his actions. He was banned from his school’s campus and subsequently fired.

DeWitt was said to have apologized for the “embarrassment and dismay I have caused.”

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