Joanne Shaw was walking the streets of Rochester, N.H., when a man, 52, decided to pull over and offer her a ride.

According to WMUR9, it didn’t take long for Shaw to attempt to kidnap the man’s 21-month-old baby from the back seat. The driver struggled with Shaw during the attempted kidnapping.

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She was briefly successful in running out of the vehicle with the baby when it came to a complete stop. However, the man caught up with her, at which point he said Shaw started to punch him.

Police responded to the incident and took Shaw into custody.

“A male driver had stopped to pick up a female passenger who looked like she was in need,” Rochester Police Captain Jason Thomas stated. “She started unbuckling the 21-month-old in the backseat, saying she was going to take the child.”

Shaw reportedly has a history of mental health issues.

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