Homer Stacy II, 53, of Greenacres, Fla. was arrested following a dispute with his son over a hedgehog.

ABC10 reports that Palm Beach deputies found Stacy pushing a wheelchair with a baseball bat and machete near his home. When they asked him why he was walking around with the items, Stacy said that he needed them to protect himself.

Deputies began to piece the story together despite Stacy going “back and forth between being cooperative to belligerent.”

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The man said that he told his son to pick up a hedgehog that was left at the house. He said he then grabbed the items after his son pushed him.

But Stacy’s son had a very different story, saying that his father drank heavily before the encounter. Stacy became upset at his son for leaving the house — the son said that he went to visit his mother — and began to stab a door with a knife. He also alleged that his father pushed him.

Later, the son snuck into the house to get his belongings. That’s when he and Stacy ran into each other and began to argue. Stacy reportedly took his shirt off and picked up the baseball bat as though he was going to hit his son.

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As the son recounted the story to deputies, Stacy yelled and threatened to kill him from the backseat of a cruiser. Stacy was charged with two counts of “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of simple assault.”

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