A man breaks an awful record with his latest drunk driving arrest

Minnesota Department of Corrections

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Authorities believe that a Minnesota man’s latest felony-level drunk driving arrest might have broken a state record.

A drunk Danny Lee Bettcher, 64, was pulled over by a police officer in New York Mills after an off-duty sheriff’s deputy saw him enter his car after drinking — the charging document explained that Bettcher “well known to the law enforcement community.” He also ignored a stop sign and was speeding and swerving on the road. Bettcher refused to take a field sobriety test when he was pulled over, but told the officer “I am way over” and “Take me to jail.”

The incident marks Bettcher’s 28th arrest for driving while under the influence, a bit of a record for the state.

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Bettcher was in possession of a valid driver’s license that night, confirmed State Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Megan Leonard. However, his license included a provision that restricted “any use of alcohol or drugs.” Because of the arrest, Bettcher’s license is currently pending revocation.

“I’m trying to get my life back on track before I am released,” Bettcher explained in a 2014 court filing following an arrest in 2010, his 27th. He added that he suffered from PTSD related to his military service. He currently remains in jail on a $100,000 bond. According to Assistant County Attorney Jacob Thomason, Bettcher faces up to seven years in prison and five years on probation if convicted.

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