A mother’s excuse for driving with her son on top of a car wasn’t good enough for police

Saukville Police Department

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A Wisconsin mother was charged with second degree recklessly endangering safety, a felony, after authorities say she strapped her son to the top of her vehicle to hold down a plastic pool while she drove.

A witness contacted 911 after seeing the 9-year-old son of Fredonia mother Amber Schmunk, 28, riding atop her minivan to hold the plastic pool down. The caller followed Schmunk until she put her son, and the plastic pool, in the van. Police responded to the calls of a child riding on a vehicle and met Schmunk when she pulled into her sister’s house.

According to a police complaint, Schmunk said she “had no way to strap it down, so she had her child climb on the roof and hold it down while she drove.” She later told police that her son was safe because she strapped him down inside of the pool. The complaint also said she believed her actions to be justifiable because “her father let her do things like that when she was that age.”

Schmunk faces 10 years in prison and a fine of $25,000 if convicted.

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