A teen mother’s first instinct after giving birth led to charges for a heinous act

Erica Gomez of El Paso, Texas is accused of murdering her newborn shortly after giving birth. (El Paso County Sheriff's Office)

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A Texas teenager told her mother she suffered a miscarriage, but authorities quickly learned that the truth was much worse.

KVIA reports that El Paso high schooler Erica Gomez, 17, later told investigators that she delivered a baby in a bathroom toilet. She cut the baby’s umbilical cord, wrapped the newborn in a bathrobe and placed the baby inside of a storage shed on another property close to her home. She said that after the ordeal, she went back inside of the house and fell asleep. She was bleeding when her mother found her and taken to the hospital.

The baby’s body was discovered by the homeowner’s 13-year-old son. The homeowner took the baby’s body inside of the house and called deputies.

According to a criminal complaint, the El Paso County Medical Examiner’s Office found “three sharp wounds on the [baby’s] neck, one sharp wound under the [baby’s] right armpit and five sharp wounds on the [baby’s] back.” As explained, all “the sharp wounds found on the [baby’s] body were similar to that of stab wounds and were consistent with a form of penetrating trauma to the skin.”

Gomez, who initially said she did not report the birth because she was scared, said that she was the only person who handled the baby. The criminal complaint did not explain how the stab wounds came about.

The baby is believed to have remained in the shed for about 12 hours. Interviews revealed that no one entered the shed before the young boy.

Gomez now faces charges of capital murder, reports CBS 4.

She was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility. Her bond was set for $800,000.

A spokesperson confirmed that Gomez attended El Dorado High School.

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