Nancy Moronez, 60, charged with the murder of several infants from decades before Milwaukee County Jail
Milwaukee County Jail

Decades after the deaths of three infants, police have charged a Wisconsin woman with murder.

The three victims were originally believed to have died between the years of 1980 and 1985 from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), reports FOX 6. Their identities were released:

Justin Brunka, born March 1980
Brad Steege, born September 1983
Katie Kozeniecki, born December 1983

Despite the original theory, Nancy Moronez, 60, of Oshkosh is now accused of their deaths.

In March 2015, Moronez’s daughter reportedly contacted Waukesha Police Department to tell them of her mother’s actions. According to the daughter, Moronez “admitted to her that she had killed her son” via suffocation with a garbage bag.

Her own son, Brunka, was less than a month old when he died in Franklin. The other two victims, Steege and Kozeniecki, died in Milwaukee. They were six months old and two months old, respectively.

In an interview with investigators, Moronez admitted to holding Brunka underwater in a bathtub. She admitted to smothering Steege while babysitting him after becoming “frustrated” and killing Kozeniecki in the same way. She added that shouldn’t couldn’t “take kids that constantly cry.”

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Moronez reportedly told a firefighter who responded to at least two of the deaths, “I told my husband I didn’t want to babysit anymore.”

According to investigators, Moronez said “that when her daughter was born she made a promise to God that should would not do anything to her daughter to hurt her if she was crying.” Later in the interview, the defendant stated, “I made a promise, but I broke it.” She reportedly knew her own wrongdoing and said “that she is sorry.”

Moronez is currently charged with three counts of second-degree murder.

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