A woman has learned her fate after a kidnapping attempt in California resulted in the loss of a newborn’s life.

Giseleangelique D’Milian, 47, of Thousand Oaks was sentenced after concocting a plan in 2015 to kidnap a 3-week-old baby, Eliza de la Cruz, from her home in Long Island, reports CBS Los Angeles. Prosecutors say D’Milian enlisted the help of a friend, Anthony McCall, to steal two babies after telling her married boyfriend that she had birthed twins.

The pair followed the newborn’s mother home on Jan 3., 2015. D’Milian had a short conversation with the mother on the bus, and a few hours later, police say McCall went to the victims’ home, shot and wounded the parents and uncle, then took the baby. The child’s body was later found in a trash bin about 100 miles away. Authorities say she suffocated.

About a month later, prosecutors say McCall attempted to steal a 4-month-old baby from an El Segundo hotel room. He allegedly attacked the mother with a baseball bat, but hotel workers intervened.

D’Milian pleaded no contest to first-degree murder and attempted murder. She was sentenced to 25 years in prison to life over the weekend.

McCall has pleaded not guilty to murder.

“She fabricated a story and wanted [her boyfriend] to believe these children were his. Why? We don’t know,” said Long Beach police Lt. Lloyd Cox of D’Milian’s motivations in 2015.

D’Milian was noted for her odd online presence in initial reports of her arrest. She presented herself as a “masterful genius behind so many ventures,” including music, public speaking and a book called “Speak Into Existence: Affirmations For Success.”

She has a 30-year-old daughter named Charisse Shelton.

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