Florida police made an arrest in connection to a 2016 fatal shooting that left two men dead and announced the sister of one of the men now faces a second-degree murder charge for killing her daughter’s alleged rapist.

Last summer, police located the bodies of John Vargas, 29, and Xavier Sierra, 18, in an undeveloped area while investigating reports of gunshots fired near the area. They determined Sierra suffered multiple gunshot wounds after being confronted by Vargas and his sister Connie Serbu, 41, about his alleged sexual assault against Serbu’s 6-year-old daughter. Serbu reportedly admitted to plotting the confrontation that also took her brother’s life. Vargas was killed in the attack as well.

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“So I don’t care, he raped my daughter, I don’t care, he sodomized my daughter,” police say Serbu told them.

Authorities also indicated Serbu’s husband confirmed his wife’s plot by telling them she had warned him that he would soon have to take care of their children by himself. He told police her plan to kill Sierra, who had just graduated from high school, came after she found out about the sexual assault.

Serbu is currently being held in the Collier County Jail without bond while her case remains under investigation.

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