A police standoff in Brunswick, Ohio, ended around 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning after eight hours of a tense siege. Police say they have taken 45-year-old George Brinkman into custody, who is suspected of murdering Suzanne Taylor and her two daughters, aged 18 and 21.

According to, a boyfriend of one of the girls first discovered the grisly murder scene when he went over to their house on Sunday night. He then called Suzanne Taylor’s boyfriend who called 911.

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The Daily Mail reported that Brinkman barricaded himself inside the house, but a team of police and SWAT members managed to break in and tasered the suspect in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Moments later, he was seen being led shirtless from the house. Before police stormed the house, Brinkman was armed and was threatening to kill himself. Authorities told all neighbors to stay inside while they attempted to negotiate with the suspect.

A reporter for Cleveland19 was in contact with Brinkman on Monday via Facebook. When she realized who she was talking to, she contacted police immediately in an attempt to help aid their efforts to bring him into custody. The journalist was reporting on the homicide, he told her, “This is not going to end well. They want to talk to me about what happened to Sue. And I loved her, I loved her kids, I would never do anything to her.”

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A woman inside the house was released, unharmed, sometime during the night. Brinkman reportedly knew the people who live in the house where he barricaded himself. Both girls were college students.

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