An Oklahoma police chief accused of ties to neo-Nazi and white nationalist sites has resigned


An Oklahoma interim police chief has resigned after an investigation found that he appeared to have deep ties to websites, music and record labels, and other media by and for white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

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KXII-12 first reported that Chief Bart Alsbrook of the Colbert Police Department appeared to have his name attached to “ISD Records,” a now-deleted website that once sold white nationalist and neo-Nazi music and media.

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When KXII contacted Chief Alsbrook about the site’s registration, which dated to 2004 and used his name, Alsbrook claimed that a different “Bart Alsbrook” had registered the site, but KXII was unable to find another “Bart Alsbrook” in the United States. When they contacted him with that information, he changed his story, saying he’d been impersonated by “skinheads” with whom he had history.

“Someone has been using my name for years on the internet in regards to racist topics,” he told Tulsa World. “It’s not me, rather someone who has hijacked my name due to my combativeness and rejection to white power skinheads who were always coming to the heavy metal shows, starting fights and messing up our scene,” he said. “They use my name in all sorts of things.”

Meanwhile, the “ISD Records” site was taken down hours after KXII contacted Alsbrook about it. Another site with Alsbrook’s name on the registration, video site, was taken down the same day.

(In Nazi and white nationalist circles, “88” refers to the eighth letter of the alphabet, “H,” used twice; the result, “HH,” is an abbreviation for “Heil Hitler.”)

Alsbrook, the third new police chief Colbert has hired this year, has resigned.

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