An Ohio substitute is in hot water and out of the classroom on allegations that she had relationships with multiple students.

Madeline Marx is only 23 years old but she’s already facing prison time for two counts of sexual battery. The young educator spent two years as a substitute at Kettering Fairmont High School until she was arrested on Wednesday.

Though police have not released the specifics of their investigation, it must have been pretty damning since WHIO reports that authorities were informed of the allegations at 8 a.m. and Marx was in handcuffs by noon.

State records show that Marx was issued a teaching license, good for 4 years, in 2016. She is legally able to teach students in grades K-12. According to the police report, the relationship began in June and continued through September.

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Superintendent Scott Inskeep told WHIO “We became aware [she] was possibly involved with inappropriate activities with a juvenile,” and said when this happens, “we will remove those people and not have them around our students.” In a separate interview, Inskeep told WKEF “I just think parents can trust us with your kids every day and I can ensure that 99.9 percent are doing it the right way, and doing it appropriately.”

The police report identifies two victims, but the school claims that only one juvenile is involved. Inskeep stressed that substitutes are thoroughly vetted and go through the same background checks as teachers.

Kettering Police released a video of the substitute riding to the local prison in the back of the squad car, they say this is Marx’s first run-in with the law.

This substitute teacher may have killed her career with dirty extra-curricular activities Kettering Police Department
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