Disgusting British couple livestream the sexual assault of a young girl to California pedo

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A British couple is headed to prison after they were convicted of broadcasting their sexual abuse of a young girl to a pedophile across the ocean.

On Thursday, 34-year-old Sarah Gotham and 36-year-old Craig Forbes were sentenced on multiple counts of sexual assault against a girl, the New York Post reports. Police did not release the exact age of the victim but did say that she was younger than 13 and that, on several occasions, Gotham and Forbes broadcast the abuse to a Californian pedophile; they will spend a combined 17 years in prison.

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The couple met 41-year-old Kori Ellis of California in chat room and began using Skype to livestream their abuse of the young girl, who was believed to be drugged at the time. The incidents took place between December 2012 and March 2013.

In August of 2015, Ellis was indicted on several child pornography charges. FBI investigators discovered that the British couple was “molesting their infant child at [Ellis’s] direction,” CBS San Francisco reported. Police say that they found hundreds of child pornography videos and images on Ellis’s hardware.

After she was arrested, Ellis led police to Gotham and Forbes, and investigators found over 60 pages of conversations between the parties. The Californian inmate was flown the United Kingdom to testify against the British couple, BBC reports. During the sentencing, the English judge called Forbes “vilest of predatory pedophiles.”

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