She says it was a sour custody battle, but he told the cops that she’s a stalker

Seminole County Sheriff's Office

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Erica Capps of Sanford, Florida is facing stalking charges after her ex-boyfriend told police that she put a tracker on his car. But Capps says that’s not the case and that her arrest last Friday was just part of a “big misunderstanding.”

For months, Capps’ ex-boyfriend says that he was amazed by his former lover’s ability to figure out exactly where he was and that she constantly appeared on the lawns of homes he was visiting, telling him to come outside so she could scream at him. This happened on September 18 and then again on October 18 when he says he was at another friend’s home and got a text message from her telling him to go outside, ClickonOrlando reports.

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In the police report that he filed, the victim claims that Capps approached him in a Best Buy in late October and berated him. A few weeks later, he says he saw her approaching him and he fled but she followed him to a friend’s house and an argument ensued.

On November 14, the victim finally called police after he found a GPS tracking device under his vehicle. He told the cops that sometimes, his ex-girlfriend messaged him screenshots of his location, she was arrested on November 17. A spokesman for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office told WFTV that the tracking devices “caused [the victim] a significant amount of distress and then ultimately he was able to check his vehicle and discovered that a tracking device had actually been put on it.”

Erica Capps (Seminole County Sheriff’s Office)

But Capps told ClickOnOrlando that the incident was really just a “big misunderstanding.” She says that at the heart of the issue is a “child custody case that got blown way out of proportion.” She also said that she believes the charges against her will be dropped.

Capps claims that she wasn’t stalking her ex-boyfriend but that she was worried about their 18-month-old daughter. She says that she showed up at the places because she was worried and trying to protect the child.

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