A pair of inmates in Virginia tried to make a break for it but realized that barbed wire isn’t very easy to scale. On Tuesday, inmates Clayton Musselman and Frank Arthur escaped from a group of prisoners at around 8 p.m. and tried to climb a fence in a recreation yard.

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An official told the Richmond Times that the duo attempted to use a coat to cover the razor wire. They also used an aluminum bench to climb the fence. The aluminum benches have since been replaced with concrete ones that are bolted down.

Clayton Musselman and Frank Arthur (Henrico Sheriff’s Office)

While they were able to get over the first two fences, they were so badly cut by the razor wire that they were unable to get over the third and final fence, which would have led them to freedom. Unfortunately, for the convicts, freedom wouldn’t have lasted too long as the police were already waiting for them outside the prison.

One of the inmates reportedly made a map to help them with their dashed escape attempt, but he left it behind. Musselman was in the midst of a 3-year sentence on a grand larceny conviction while Arthur was awaiting trial for charges related to meth production.

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The bloodied criminals did manage to get out–they were airlifted to VCU Medical Center. Unfortunately, they won’t be going on the lam anytime soon.

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