Florida man tries to steal a van and a plane and failed epically at both


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Videos by Rare

Gregory A. Hoch of Lakeland, Fla. didn’t get very far in what could be thought off as one of the most elaborately failed getaways ever enacted.

Hoch was in the process of stealing a National Data and Surveying Services van when one of the tires blew out, reports WPLG Local 10 News. Still, Hoch rode the van all the way to Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, where he then ditched his ride in an attempt to catch another one.

Lakeland Police Lt. Eric Harper chased Hoch around several planes in an aviation garage when Hoch then got the bright idea to latch onto the wing of a plane about to take off.

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Harper detained Hoch as he attempted to enter the cockpit, seemingly in an effort to hijack the aircraft.

The Lakeland man was charged with “two counts of grand theft, one count of trespassing, one count of burglary to an occupied conveyance and resisting arrest.”

Harper said that he had never experienced a chase quite like that.

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