A Pennsylvania bail bondsman who married a woman and then her 18-year-old daughter has pleaded no contest to a list of charges that include bigamy. By pleading no contest, he accepts that the prosecution has enough evidence to find him guilty but does not admit guilt.

Christopher I. Hauptmann married Shannon Deitrich in 2015 and then, a year later, married her daughter, Kaylee Durovick. While his second wedding would be strange in any case, the fact that he never divorced Deitrich made it illegal. On Thursday, the 44-year-old appeared before a Northumberland County Court in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, and entered his no contest plea to charges of charges of bigamy, forgery and unsworn falsification to authorities, per PennLive.

Even more disturbing, Hauptmann and Durovick posted a collection of photos showing them together to their social media profiles, per a Daily Mail report. Deitrich even said that Hauptmann sent her photos of he and Durovick having sex. She says that he “brainwashed” her daughter and forced the natural brunette to dye her hair blonde. Hauptmann has since deleted his social media profiles and Durovick’s are set to private.

A judge sentenced Hauptmann — who is a native of Shamokin, Pennsylvania — to just under three years in prison for the charges. Upon release, he will serve a decade of probation. He was also ordered not to contact his first wife, but PennLive reports that Hauptmann and Durovick are still together. They also run the PA Bail & Recovery together in Shamokin.

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Hauptmann previously went by the last name Buckley and tried to get a social security number under that alias; in fact, it’s somewhat unclear what his real name is. But Hauptmann’s run-in with the legal system still isn’t finished – he’s facing another charge of illegal possession of a firearm. He’s not legally able to own a firearm because of a previous drug charge in New Jersey.

His defense attorney told The Daily Item, “[The plea] was an opportunity to give him certainty and closure.” He added that Hauptmann is looking forward to “closing this chapter in his life.” In the courtroom, the 41-year-old said, “I want to thank my wife for standing by my side.”

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