Here’s the video of a Vegas cop slamming a woman on a car hood that got him banned for life


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

On Thursday, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department police released footage of a former officer slamming a woman into the hood of his cruiser.

The Jan. 2015 footage allegedly shows officer Richard Scavone, 50, roughing up a woman he suspected of being a prostitute in the city. Earlier this week, Scavone pleaded guilty to excessive use of force in court and could face a year in prison if convicted, the Las Vegas Review reports.

The clip, which is just over three minutes long, shows the officer pulling up to the woman and throwing her on the ground when she starts talking back to him.

“The hell you think you’re talking to?” Scavone asks the woman in the clip.

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The footage was taken on a body camera and is somewhat blurry. At one point, the camera shows only the woman’s legs as she screams for Scavone to get his knee off her neck. Later, she allegedly tried to pull away, and he slams her head into the hood of his cruiser.

Scavone was released from the force soon after the incident and was initially charged with violating the woman’s civil rights and trying to falsify reports and obstruct an FBI investigation. The indictment also claims that he caused “bodily injury” to the woman.

The woman was charged with littering and loitering, though the charges were later dropped. Scavone is scheduled to be sentenced in January, and under a plea deal, he cannot work as a police officer again.

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