A California woman captured hearts all over the internet late October with a mugshot that went viral; but those would-be suitors will have a new hurdle if they decide to pursue the gang member — Mirella Ponce has been convicted.

On October 24, the Fresno Police Department posted Ponce’s mugshot on Facebook and announced her arrest for possessing a loaded firearm. That post quickly blew up, and was shared over 5,200 times with commenters declaring “the only crime she committed was stealing my heart” and another offering to pay her bail. When Ponce was pulled over by authorities, she also had her daughter in the car.

But when she faced a judge on Wednesday, Ponce’s smoky-eyed seduction was ineffective. Prosecutors dropped three of the charges but she plead guilty to being a gang member illegally possessing a gun, KFSN reports. And this isn’t her first run-in with the law, earlier this year she racked up a misdemeanor charge for possessing an illegal weapon.

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Both the prosecution and the defense agreed that, though she’ll be sentenced in December, she won’t be serving any time. She was released from prison on Wednesday and sources close to the young felon told KFSN that she is actually considering a career in modeling. However, the newly-released gang member will have to go into alternative modelling since she’s pretty inked-up. Across her chest, Ponce has two tattoos; one reading “love is pain” and another declaring “pain is pleasure.” Heavy reports that the aspiring model is also bisexual, and dug up an Instagram post from 2014 that shows her kissing an old girlfriend.

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Ponce’s bail was set at $155,000 and none of her online admirers ever did come through with the dough.

ABC30 managed to catch Ponce as she was leaving the courtroom on Wednesday and the young mother said she regrets having her daughter in the car with her while she was carrying a loaded firearm. She says she was just going to a friend’s birthday remarking “it wasn’t like I was going to do a drive-by or anything crazy.”

Police named the hot felon as a member of the Tiny Rascal Gang–a mostly-Asian group founded by Cambodian immigrants some time after the Vietnam war. While they’re not quite as ubiquitous as some other gangs, TNG has cells in about a dozen U.S. states. And though the gang is comprised of younger members of both genders, they’ve been behind a lot of crimes: in 2010 they killed a 16-year-old boy then shot a 12-year-old as he was sleeping in his bed, the OC Register reported. In ’94 they raped and robed a mother after breaking into her home.

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And if Ponce is serious about making a modeling career happen, there just may be hope for her. In 2014, “hot felon” Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot went viral and after two years in the slammer he took the runway, strutting down the catwalk at the 2017 New York Fashion Week. In July, he was even spotted kissing an heiress on her yacht.

She stole hearts with her mugshot, but those smoky eyes couldn’t woo the court system Facebook/Fresno Police Department
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