A Florida man did not get very far after he decided to rob a bank

Michael Sadusky, 60, is accused of walking into The Bank of the Ozarks in Belleair Bluffs with a knife and demanding cash from two bank tellers, reported ABC Action News. After getting the money, Sadusky walked out of the bank a successful criminal…

…for a whole 11 minutes.

Bank tellers gave a physical description of Sadusky to deputies with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, who arrived on the scene shortly after he left. The deputies combed the area until they noticed a man in the passenger side of a vehicle who fit the description.

The vehicle was only a mile away from the bank.

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Deputies signaled for it to stop and officers found that the passenger, Sadusky, was in possession of both money and a knife that fit the description given by the tellers.

Sadusky admitted to robbing the bank while being interviewed by the detectives.

It was discovered that he hitched a ride from Brian Kleer, 43, and Kleer’s nephew, Justin Turek, 27. Neither men were aware that they were giving a ride to a bank robber.

Sadusky was arrested and taken to Pinellas County Jail. There, he was charged with one count of armed robbery.

Kleer and Turek will not face any charges.

It’s almost sad how quickly it took deputies to catch up with this suspected bank robber Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
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