Since Dwana LeShay issued a warning to a man that looked like he had bad intentions for her and her family, the Detroit Police Department has placed a suspect in custody.

A few days earlier, LeShay shared videos and a picture on Facebook of a stranger who knocked on her door with a gun in his hand. According to the post, a man approached the front door around 1:30 in the morning and rang the bell. He then pulled out a gun and waited for someone to respond. Unbeknownst to him initially, he did all of this in full view of a security camera that was installed at the door.

“I am still very shaken BUT I will not be a victim! Whoever this is you have been warned,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

On Wednesday, police informed local sources that they arrested the man in the video, who remains unidentified at the time. It is not immediately clear if the man rang the doorbell with a gun in his hand to commit a prank or a crime.

“I’ve never had a security camera before,” she said, despite his intentions. “I never want to not have one now.”

The arrested man was seen in the same videos fleeing to an area of LeShay’s yard where another individual was waiting for him. Police are still searching for a second suspect.

The security footage went viral after LeShay shared it on her personal Facebook.

“In 2013 I was robbed … the guy said he had a gun and for a long time I was nervous when any strange person approached me or was too close, I finally got over that,” she explained in the post.

LeShay went on to say that she was not sure “if it’s a mistaken house or an attempt at hoping I’d come to the door and they’d force their way.” Regardless of the stranger’s intent, she thanked God and the Detroit Police Department

The Detroit Police Department shared a screenshot of the footage on Facebook, asking the public if they recognized the man.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Detroit Police

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