Man claims a groundhog is the reason he exposed his genitals to a woman at a park Louisville Metro Corrections
Louisville Metro Corrections

A man in Louisville, Kentucky, is in trouble after he was arrested for exposing himself to a woman in the park Thursday night. Police

Police were called on reports that a man was pleasuring himself in the bushes at Lannan Memorial Park, and when they arrived, he fled on a moped.

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Later, he was spotted driving nearby, and police were able to arrest 53-year-old Robert McCoy. According to WDRB, McCoy admitted to the allegations, telling police “had an explanation.” He claims that he was urinating in the park when his pants fell down. At that point, a groundhog popped up and frightened him, causing him to expose himself to the victim.

The woman who was at the scene told a very different version of the story. She says that McCoy was following her and a group of friends and “making motions consistent with a sex act.” When she turned around to face him, she realized that his pants were down and his penis was exposed.

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He was charged with first-degree sexual abuse, which is a felony and is being held at Louisville Metro Corrections.

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