The wife is an obvious suspect in a murder case after police found this pathetic search inquiry

maypearl texas sandra garner murder

A Maypearl, Texas, woman is facing some serious legal trouble after she was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of murdering her husband, and the details of the case are as dumb as it gets.

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Sandra Louise Garner was picked up on Jan 10, only nine days after her husband’s murder. Police say that they were led to the 55-year-old after they seized one of her electronic devices and discovered that she’d recently searched “how to kill someone and not get caught,” according to the Waxahachie Daily Light. Garner’s late husband, 42-year-old John Garner, was found in the home that he and Sandra shared in the early hours of Jan. 2. Maypearl Police Chief Boyd Norton said that the autopsy revealed that John Garner was killed with a .38 caliber bullet.

Maypearl, TX (Screenshot/Google Maps)

Chief Norton says that Sandra called 911 on the night of her husband’s murder, explaining, “Ms. Garner told investigators she was awakened by two gunshots and saw a masked male holding a gun and a flashlight inside her residence,” per a report from Paris Extra. Sandra also claimed that “the perpetrator told her he held a grudge against her husband because of work-related matters.” She also told police that the gunman told her he wasn’t there to hurt her and that he made her open the family safe and fork over $18,000. However, as early as Jan. 4, the Maypearl Police Department pushed back on Sandra Garner’s story, writing on Facebook, “We have reason to believe that the shooting was NOT a ‘stranger on stranger’ home invasion.”

The Ellis Country Sheriff’s Office got a search warrant and found a bullet in a pillowcase in the Garners’ bedroom. That discovery led to them seizing the devices, where they uncovered Sandra Garner’s nefarious search history. Chief Norton also said that investigators found a .38 Taurus handgun in a Ford Mustang parked near the residence. The gun was wrapped in a paper towel and slipped into two plastic bags. They arrested Sandra Garner after experts determined that the bullet found in the John Garner’s body matched the .38 found in the Mustang.

The widow is now facing a murder charge and is stuck in the Ellis County Jail on a $2 million bond.

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