Cops have nabbed the bank-robbing bachelorette with several suspected heists under her belt


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Police in Elyria, Ohio have arrested Casey Layne Liberty, who they say is behind a string of bank robberies in the northeastern part of the state.

The 30-year-old suspect allegedly confessed to authorities that she was responsible for the robberies during an interview following her arrest. Because bank robberies are federal crimes, the FBI was brought in to assist local law enforcement agencies in catching the thief. Daniel Begin, 32, was also arrested, though his role in the crimes is still somewhat murky.

A spokesperson at the bureau outlined the following robberies to WEWS-TV; at the time of the initial reporting they had not apprehended Liberty:

  • On September 20, a woman — suspected to be Liberty, robbed Andover Bank in Conneaut, Ohio.
  • On October 4, a woman slipped a note demanding money to a teller at First National Bank in Beachwood, Ohio.
  • On October 12, sometime before 6 p.m., a woman entered a Chase Bank in Fairlawn, Ohio and slipped a note to the teller.

In addition, authorities suspect Liberty to be behind a robbery in Medina, Ohio. Fairlawn Detective Dave Zampelli told WEWS, “The priority is high to identify her and get her into custody. She’s kind of changing her looks, but again, we believe that it is the same individual responsible.” They described her as being in her early twenties.

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The authorities first discovered Liberty when an FBI agent was reviewing mugshots and noticed striking similarities between her and the mysterious woman responsible for holding up the local banks.

When agents talked to Begin, he claimed that they robbed the banks to sustain their heroin addiction, WEWS reports. He also claims that they chose to target certain banks because they were far away and people might not recognize them.

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Begin was charged with aggravated robbery and kidnapping while Liberty was charged with aggravated robbery.

At this time, it’s unclear what Liberty was arrested for to allow authorities to have her mugshot on file.

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