Alleged knife-fighter has a bizarre mugshot, but his raunchy armor has us chuckling


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An Oklahoma man was arrested on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of an offensive weapon after police say he wrapped himself in porno-mag body armor and tried to instigate a knife fight with his neighbor — presumably, the knife was the dangerous weapon while the skin-mag vest was the offensive weapon.

On Sunday, police responding to a call at the County Hills Trailer Park reportedly came upon 49-year-old Donald Gene Gaither swinging knives at his neighbor and bellowing for his intended adversary to “come out and get some.” As officers pulled up, they said Gaither began to walk away, though he was still holding a knife in each hand. He reportedly tried to hide the weapons but cooperated when police told him to get on the ground. Upon searching Gaither, officers say they discovered a two more knives and a weight attached to a rope that he allegedly intended to use as a weapon, The Ada News reports.

Gaither is apparently something of a common enemy in the trailer parks of Oklahoma; Sunday’s alleged knife brandishing outside his neighbor Troy Bagley’s home occurred because Gaither thought that Bagley was the reason he was thrown out of the housing establishment. A neighbor told KXII that she figured Gaither would confront Bagley. She said that Gaither believes his neighbor told people that he stole copper from his house, a crime of which Gaither says he’s innocent.

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Sheriff John Christian told KXII that Gaither appeared to be “somewhat intoxicated,” and when officers began searching him, he declared that he “had been to prison before and [taping pornographic magazines to their chests and stomachs] was a way that they used to protect themselves in a fight.” He also reportedly told deputies at the time of his arrest that he was in “survival mode.”

Records show that Gaither previously did a stint in prison on charges of aggravated assault and battery, robbery, possession of stolen property and extortion, KFOR reports. A local blog in Arkansas in 2007 recorded Gaither as being charged with aggravated assault on a family or household member. He was ordered not to contact the victim in that case.

It’s unclear from the images what magazines the suspect taped to himself for protection.

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