A Florida woman is accused of cutting a man’s pants while he was wearing them to steal his wallet.

Paige Maxine Dreyfuss, 23, of Gainesville, went to a man’s house Sunday night to settle a debt with him by prostituting herself, according to the Independent Florida Alligator.

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The man said he welcomed Dreyfuss into his house and even offered her food, but she tackled him to the floor, used a knife to cut into his back pants pocket and steal his wallet, Alachua County Sheriff’s officials wrote in an arrest report obtained by the Alligator. She then fled.

Dreyfuss told police that the man offered her money for sex, but she refused. However, Dreyfuss then said she denied sex to the man and he threw a “tantrum,” according to the Independent Florida Alligator.

Dreyfuss was arrested and charged with robbery with a weapon.

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Police say a Florida woman cut the pants off a man after denying him sex Alachua County Jail